Americans want a fair vote with an honest count — it should not be a difficult task. Georgia’s election officials owe us a legitimate election.


Hi. Thank you so much for joining us. We appreciate your time today. Great to be with you. Thanks. So what’s going on in all of these counties where they’re discovering votes that are missing or have been missing? Yeah, I mean, that’s exactly what’s going on and there’s more to come, I mean, we’re already getting reports of potential votes that are being found in Walton County. There are reports that have just come out in the last couple of hours, about a close to about ninety six hundred votes.

That could be in question in DeKalb County. Whether or not those votes were correct, it stands to be in question still.

But if those ninety six hundred were improperly validated, those would be ninety six votes taken away from, if that’s the case, from down to about seventeen hundred votes being difference between the two and so and that. We still haven’t gotten to Fulton County. We still haven’t gotten to Clayton County. There is a long ways yet to go and the needle is definitely moving in the direction of the president.

You mentioned if all of the votes are corrected, do you have any idea in terms of the number of votes that are votes being thrown out versus those being corrected?

No, there was a series of ballots, over 10000 that were credited to Joe Biden and only 13 to President Trump. The real issue there was that more or less a thousand or so of those batches went for Biden and 13 to Trump. So that left a difference of ninety-six hundred. The question that is now being discussed was what did the original ten thousand that was written on the box, were those votes counted for Biden or not? And there are two different stories that are coming out right now.

If the entire ten thousand and whatever were given to Biden and only 13 to Trump, then ninety-six hundred of those are now going to be removed from Biden. And if that is, we’re down to about seventeen hundred. And I don’t have that information that as far as the final, whether or not those votes were counted for Biden or not, but that has just come out in the last hour or so.

So the recounts need to be completed by midnight tonight in order for Georgia to certify the results by Friday. Do you think that you’ll meet both of those deadlines?

You know, I’m hopeful, Heather, but you have counties that forever, for decades have been slow in getting their counts in and actually late and meeting deadlines, that being counties like Fulton and so forth. Hopefully, they will get these in. But listen, what we are saying to me, unquestionably, is that the legal battle needs to continue. We are seeing the votes change enough to where there are absolutely, unquestionably legal questions that must be answered as to the validity of the count as it currently stands and the role of dominion, the role of the counters, the all the accountability and outrightly lack of accountability that was involved in the process here is definitely pointing to at least a legal challenge moving forward.