As president, Trump has been very clear that we do not support another national lockdown and do not believe it is necessary, I think Dr. Fauci actually reflected again on we’re not calling for a national lockdown and we won’t. But beyond that, there have been some actions taken in jurisdictions around the country with regard to closing schools. One of the American people to know that it is it is the position of this task force, of this administration, and of the CDC that we do not need to close our schools.

I want to invite Dr. Redfield to come forward to speak about that. And I want to emphasize what he’s reminded our task force of many times that actually at no point in this pandemic has the CDC ever recommended closing schools. And the more we’ve learned about about this virus, the more it simply affirms that we think our kids belong in the classroom. We’re absolutely committed to continuing to provide resources. So our kids, our teachers, our administrators can safely and safely get back to school.