A Group of data analyst are speaking out about irregularity is recorded with mail-in voting one America Chanel Rihanna has more voter fraud has been dismissed by the left as a mythical fantasy and impossibility that. Even if it occurred, takes place by such minuscule margins, that it doesn’t matter in a general election, Peter holler, a Pennsylvania attorney and lobbyist tells one American use he’s building bridges between former Trump campaign, data analyst, Matt Brainerd, and statistical analysts.

What they found was stunning in scale, but we’ve actually found striking, uh, anomalies in the mail, uh, valid data, as you can imagine. And. Uh, particularly in the swing States. One of the most interesting things I could say is that, is that the president for saw this, with great clarity when he wants people.

He said, if you’re gonna mail in a ballot, Uh, you should check your vote. The reality is he was wanting people that your mail ballot might not get there. Um, we now have data statistically significant samples across the swing states, all of them, except in Nevada. And in every one of those States, we’ve got an extraordinary number.

Of people who literally their mail ballot got lost. And you may wonder, we didn’t certainly didn’t pull her a sample, you know, the entire population of, of mail ballots that have not been returned, but when you get a significant enough sample, you know, 1500 people or so, and then when you ask them, you know, did you mail your ballot back?

And 500 of those people say they did. But, but they’re still showing us not having returned it. Well, if one-third of the pool has mailed back to the ballot and it’s showing it’s not returned when you then analyze the size of the pool, you said, well, Hey, there’s 150,000, uh, on return ballots. And you’re saying a third of them, didn’t actually get mailed back.

Well, that, that is. Actually, uh, evidence of widespread fraud in that state, the statistical analysis under the direction of Matt Brainerd is being backed up by phone call verification, according to holler across Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Michigan. And so here I’m acting as a bridge. I’m finding the experts.

Um, I’m spotting and mass data opportunities to analyze deeper. I mean, frankly, that animals are so striking or the idea that, that one-third of, of, of, uh, unreturned ballots are actually people who returned their ballots. They just never got counted. Those numbers are so big that, I immediately said these are going to be statistically significant.

Let me go find. A professor who can actually complete this has recruited statisticians and mathematicians to further break down the likelihood of these numbers happening. So consistently across the swing States, the illuminary conclusions, they have submitted thus far conclusively point to widespread irregularities enough to alter the fate of an entire election.

More concerning says holler is the widespread instances of mail-in ballots being sent to voters who never ordered them in the first place. These voters show up to their polling stations and were turned away because they were told they had already voted. Holler, says the data being compiled now combined with affidavits, prove that widespread voter irregularities are not a myth.

It is real and can be backed up by statistical evidence in a court of law. The question is. Will any lawmakers or judges have the spine to listen – Chanel beyond one American use the white house.