A real-time demo of the most devastating election theft mechanism yet found, with context and explanation. This demonstration uses a real voting system and real vote databases and takes place in seconds across multiple jurisdictions. Over 5000 subcontractors and middlemen have the access to perform this for any or all clients. It can give contract signing authority to whoever the user chooses. All political power can be converted to the hands of a few anonymous subcontractors.


I’m Bev Harris and I’m the author of the book Black Box Voting and also the founder of Black Box Voting Dog.

My earlier work was featured in the Emmy nominated HBO documentary Hacking Democracy Now.

In 2003, I found about 40000 voting machine files. Among these files were the secret programs for the Gems Central Tabulator, the central server, the master computer that controls what goes into every voting machine and what comes out of them. A couple of years back, I shared these files with a Memphis programmer named Bennie Smith, and he has found what I would characterize as a master key to the GEM’s Master.

Are computers ready? Take my name is Ben Smith, and I’m born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. I found something that it just hit me when I first found it. But then the intrigue made me say, oh, their votes being counted as money. Sixteen thousand thirty-four votes and two-point three. Oh, wait a minute. You can divide it. So the master computer can divide whole votes up into fractions and we’ll see what that can do to an election.

This thing becomes a guide to determine the sheriff will always be the district attorney will always be the mayor will always be. Contract signing authority belongs to deliver. I decide the winner is going to be.

There’s a lot of assumptions being made by the public. And when you actually go out in the field and try to authenticate each step, it’s very it’s very surprising, really.

I’m tired of her camera being all me. I don’t want her near me, OK?

And there’s no additional that we’re not able to give them what they what they wanted.

Oh, hey, hey, hey. Watch what happens if you cap candidates results at 43 percent or any percent.

That doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.

And now imagine if the default setting is to hide the decimals. Right now, the GEM’s program is installed and counting votes in twenty-five states and six hundred and sixteen jurisdictions. Fractional counting began to migrate from the gem’s program into other vendors. Voting systems, which count votes as fractions, may count as many as ninety-nine percent of all American votes in 2016. We have these systems that are just simply not operating in a way that’s accountable to the public.

When we asked why couldn’t we get to the central tabulating the intimidation that occurred, did you ask another question? Are you going to jail?

My name is John Brachy. I’m an election integrity activist in Tucson, Arizona. Know I caught them breaking and entering into the computers. I could actually see them going into the system that they’re currently using. Well, anyway, that was not that computer was not supposed to be open until the next morning because it was under seal by political parties, both the Republicans and the Democrats. These are the official results, and I’m offering no explanation. For all the time, voting in this country is about one major factor.

Here’s my policy and my procedure, and they do not take pictures of that room, just like your policies. You cannot rewrite Florida sunshine. He later said, well, we sent the data to the vendor. They fix it or they remoted into our computers.

Do you solemnly swear or affirm that the testimony that you do, given this course, will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? So they could remote into your muscle as a pair of weapons. So what exactly did they do with what they did was a couple of you may have to speak out and you could run against the database. If you think some of the things you’ve just seen look a little bit dodgy. Take a look at the next sequence of events.

In 2010, 10 candidates in Shelby County, Tennessee, filed an election contest to investigate numerous irregularities. They asked me to come in and help gather records to evaluate these irregularities. And I brought in Susan Pyncheon from Florida who captured the following video.

Go back there. He’s not letting us observe what he’s doing or maybe what he might be doing with the whole idea is we are supposed to be able to look on the server, all the files, all the information right now. Let’s go ahead and start doing inspections. I’m just kind of film where they are and they’re the door to the tabulating has been closed and the two Pressley brothers are in there. Any observers whatsoever? Oh, yeah, yeah, no, no, I’m not getting any faces I’m going to.

They’re switching computers, they just took one in. The guy he seems now walking away, this is on. And they pulled right off. Look at this. They’ve got right answer that you can’t see the license plate. You’re switching out places. But they confer with my client and I say, guess what? This is county property, we’re going to make clear that we’re going to start actually. This computer will remain here, this will. He’s taking it back out of the car now.

It in not taking your face. We’re now carrying the same computer back in the building and examination of the computers being taken out of the building revealed that on the morning the inspection was to begin at 450 a.m., files had been purged.

This one is showing on the 12th. So this is the 12th of August.

The operating system tells me if you want to be able to download software to try to do a cover and depending upon how well they wipe did, we can probably recover from power. But we would have to load software onto this machine to be able to do that.

So this operating system was installed eight 12, 2010. Right, OK.

I think that tells us that what we that Mitt you remember the two computers that were being removed from stability to desktop computers? No, there were not to be. I’m tired of her camera being on me. I don’t want her near it.

And thus began the investigation that led to fractioned magic. Mr. Settle ordered that the backup tapes be located to be held in the bosom of the court. Mr. Settle was replaced and a different judge heard the case. The backup tapes were not provided until the day of the trial, and they were encrypted and could not be accessed. The judge dismissed the case in 2011. Some volunteers extracted the files and then shared them with George Mongar, who had by then become an elections commissioner in 2014.

Following more election irregularities, George Mongar brought Benny Smith in to see what he might find in the Shelby County files.

I was probably the greatest skeptic on the planet. You know, I had some candidates come to me and, you know, everybody who loses their election races is stolen. Yeah, right.

So, you know, I really grappled with how impossible a task it would be. So I had to, you know, layout the framework. I had to, you know, say in order for this to succeed, these things have to be present.

So when I started out, I was like, this is a long shot. There’s no way. So I had to think first, like a person who wanted to take an election. And I just figured out what my design requirements would be. He then examined the files to see if they contained the unique features for what he believed would be the most effective way to alter results, the absolute feature that I needed was there. And after having that, any amount of precision was available to me.

So having access to decimals allows you to perform and finance what they call an allocation. There is one variable that nobody can predict. How many people are going to walk into a polling place, you can’t know. So you have to decide how much they’re going to get. You have to be sometimes in line with what polling data is saying. If it’s a close race, you have to make it close.

You know, when I started looking around inside of it, I found something that it just it rigged. The feature was a database designation to let the total votes be treated like you see money. So it allows it’s the term it’s kind of double, but it allows for decimal precision. So any number of decimal places between one and two, are there any number of decimal places between zero and one?

Are there should you decide to eat?

And short, it’s like having the ability to say that a vote is not a whole. No. Today, I’m going to demonstrate that elections can be manipulated. You can control the outcomes with an enormous amount of precision using a feature that has largely gone unnoticed in a very familiar voting system.

What it has to do is alter the results simultaneously on three different types of results reports.

So what does an elections person see when they are in their office on election night?

The election summary report is going to give us what the election totals are by candidate. The precinct-level report is called me, so this is your statement was cast, but the main thing that everybody else sees, they’re going to see this guy right here.

And most people are speeding through all of the race and they just want to go to the race to see who won. So I’m coming in if I’m for Willie Harris and I’m like, oh, my God, he got better, right?

How do I know?

I know I can. Well, it depends on where you are, right. I’m a little scared.

Right. Right. Absolutely. Now, how much of this did you make up there already or did you just make the app that finds it?

There’s one more thing I need to show you before we do the quick demo. There are two screens you’re going to see, which are the overlay that Benny Smith developed, which would be invisible when fractioned magic is running. The first one looks like this to enter a password to access fractioned magic. And the other one looks like this. If retrieves information from whatever county it’s in so that the user can input their desired %s.

So magically a screen appears. I’m going to bring up Shelby County. That’s the one that we were just doing. It latches itself on and then it starts showing me all the available data. So I say I want to influence Congress, right. So it says to you what races are available? I choose it. Then I can select options. It brings up this form.

And here is where the magic happens, where I can decide to unerring precision with any number of decimals.

I want to influence early voting, absentee ballot at the polls. I think this is L.L.C. over there. These are precinct locations. That’s all you do. Then how long does it take to put all those things and make it work? How long does this thing take to execute? Was that that there’s about maybe four or five seconds for five seconds? Votes are going to come in incrementally. As you know, we see on TV one percent reporting 19 percent.

What does it do? How does it deal with the fact, you know, when do you execute? You started at the minute that the returns come in. Oh, it runs.

And every time new totals come in, it then injects those percents automatically into the election results. Everything else is the actual Jem’s system. And the overlay that Beny developed simply uses what’s already in the system.

I just created a pianist accompaniment to use the features that were there. I’m going to take a thumb drive out of my back pocket. We will enter FRAXA.

What follows is a demonstration in real time. The footage is uncut and unedited. It shows the actual GEMS program that is used in elections right now with a real election database. You will see results change for us. Congressman Steve Cohen.

With every early vote, every absentee vote and every polling place vote in every precinct in an eighteen hundred page detailed results report subjected to total domination within twenty seconds, this video captures a laptop computer screen not enhanced or altered in any way. Following the real time demo, we will zoom in the clarified still shots so you can see for yourself that this race succumbed to fractioned magic. So what the heck did we just see? Let’s break it down. Let’s start with this.

You probably noticed there was some big, fat, glaring decimals in the results shown in Benny’s magic show. So I asked him about that.

I need the presence of these to effectively manipulate this. You need to have it. Fractionalized. Yes. Now, does it need to show that? No, I just chose to show it.

So the default setting, when you get the reports, it hides all the decimals.

And now we don’t see that point three one anymore. Oh, oh.

So if I’m looking at this, I have no idea that you just changed everything. And that’s the purpose of showing side by side that I know that it’s sixteen oh three four point three one. But here it is around you. And I can go into multiple counties. This is a fucking joke because this is this is Game of Thrones, right? Yes. And so don’t you have to reprogram the thing? Because, I mean, there’s different there’s different races.

There’s different precincts. I don’t see how that could work, you know?

So I’m going to show you what that looks like.

Let’s go to Alaska. I’ve never been we been there before. A state of mind. Let’s go to Alaska. I’ve never been there and never seen what it looks like. I’m latching on to Alaska and learning what I need to know about those precincts and those demographics. And now it’s coming in to say, hey, they were running a presidential race and here were the candidates.

So we’re in Alaska. Are we talking about every precinct in the state of Alaska, music in the entire state.

So you can go to any place, any place, and it’s going to know who’s running and what the races are. Yes. If I jump out of here and go to Lorain County, that’s in California, California, anything that has a measure, this is Marion County measure there you can say, I want to know to have it. Boxer. Yeah, there’s bashfulness. She’s running against a guy named Mickey. You’re not reprogramming these counties? No, I’m using them.

You’re using what’s already there. Yes. So this is basically one size fits all. You can be one person and you can be entering different places, different states. And I total control.

Yes, it’s a product. It’s scalable. It it learns its environment. It can adjust to any type of political season. It can adjust to any demographic. They can adjust to any county. It is fully configurable and it ruins silently with precision. And you can create plausible results that really pass off as the real thing. So we’re being a little glib, but this had to be painful for you. What does it mean to you? Get it out of me now.

You know, as an American voter who was once viewed as three fifths of the person, I was deluded in my history to go inside of this and see that our democracy is replicating this on on all of its citizens. You know, that’s bad. That’s really bad. You know, when I when I when I built this program, I believed in this belief. Right. I started off saying, that’s right.

It was a long shot. Right. There’s no way the people who have the ability to do something like that. Right. And then the more I get to one step in finding out, you know, asking what if I’m wrong. Right. Getting out and finding out. That’s right. And getting further and further. Then it turned into a man.

I got a bit I got to build I got to show just how laughable, just how egregious it is, just how scalable it is, just how much control you can actually have. And here you have it. Everybody can see it now. People can see, you know, from start to finish. This is what it looks like if you really do.

And hopefully this will start a dialogue and start a conversation about where the future of democracy should be as it comes to chemical. Oh. O o o o o o. If this problem is not just about this problem, it’s not just a black hole. It is an American. We’ve got to be the force to make the change. Started it’s now you start with us now. Oh. Oh.

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