That’s. I want people to understand voter fraud, voter fraud. Is this here impersonating fraud at the polls false registrations, duplicate boating, fraudulent use of absentee ballot buying boats, illegal. Assistance at the polls and eligible voting like illegal aliens voting in this year, dead people voting, altering the vote count, um, ballot petition fraud.

Those are some of the fraudulent activities. And if any of those activities took place in this elasticity like that is voter fraud. Now there’s a difference between voter fraud and election fraud. I just explained voter fraud. But election fraud is when you talk about the system, like the system that’s being used and how the folks are tabulated now, but bolts was pulled from Donald Trump and give it to body.

That’s the fraud inside of the system. So it’s two things that we look like we’re fighting here. It is. It’s voter fraud and election fraud. Then that brings me to two questions that I have, I would want to know what was the legal reason. Stopping the voting on election night. You’re not at everything. All of a sudden came to a screeching halt.

You know, there was no natural disasters. There was no war, no act of terrorism was the machine’s broken. And then how did everybody decides to stop and several different States? Oh, at the same time, not only that in Georgia, he was at, they was reporting 99%. It should have been called for president Trump, president.

Another thing who authorized the removal of Trump’s votes. Okay. At a particular time. The vote that was allocated to Trump. So, you know, when they’re counting the vault, those bolts are tallying up their additions they’re being added. But according to the timestamp entry from the New York time who got their data information from Addison’s research, In Pennsylvania on November the third at 11:08 PM.

President Trump, all of a sudden lost 17,877 volts. It was removed from his account, his count while at the same time, Baton games, 17,930 volts. So what I want to know is if these votes were limited. Are removed from president Trump’s tally amount at 11:08 PM on November, the third who authorize it.

Wow. You know what I’m saying? That they have to remove those that’s that’s an interesting concept on top of that, I know you all are hearing about these George George judges, these judges in the lower courts, how they’re ruling and. They’re not ruling in our favor, but here is the deal I’m going to have to go to you as Supreme court, because constitutional laws was, was broken ear.

That is what I saying. It’s up to the state legislators to put laws in place back door deal, even down to the deal that was made with, with the Abrams and a restaurant ref and burger as the secretary of the Secretary of State. The, the state legislator is not the one that approved that that was, that was not done under the state legislator.

Right. That was done under the election board that makes this hair whole thing. Nolan boy, illegal. It’s illegal. It’s illegal. Yeah. With these judges, if they’re not bringing enough if an affidavit or, or, or hundreds of affidavits is not enough evidence. Right. How about you bring in the millions of ballots and less viewed the ballot.

Let’s see. Let’s distinguish which ones are real and which ones are fake because all you got to do. If this is a ballot right here, all I got to do is look at it and then I’ll pass it fast things over towards me so that you can now. See the back to make sure it’s accurate. That’s all we have. That’s all we ask him for his fairness here.

And we want to make sure that the integrity of our elections are intact.