First the Philadelphia board of elections processed hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots with zero civilian oversight or observation. The mail in ballots were handled processed, opened and counted in a hall F of the convention center hall F is a vast room, approximately 350 feet by 350 feet.

That’s about 120,000 square feet. The board of elections erected a fence, approximately 50 feet into the hall that ran the length of the room. All observers were corralled behind the fence. More than a hundred board workers were prosecuted. Workers processed and opened mail in ballots. On the other side of the fence, these mast workers were arranged throughout the 120,000 square feet at a distance from the observers of about 10 feet to more than 200 feet away from us.

Unlike what some may have reported in the media, the vast majority, and I’d estimate at. It’s at least 96% of the board workers were processing mail in ballots, 15 to 200 plus feet from us. Due to the distance of the workers from the erected fences, it was impossible for me or any observer to see what the workers were doing with any type of specificity specificity.

The observers were not able to challenge any decision or determination being made about the processing of these mail-in ballots. No civilian oversight over hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots. Zero opportunity for observers to observe challenge or inspect the mailings being opened. I find this to be an issue and to be irregular.