Attorney #LinWood gave a powerful speech at the ‘Stop The Steal’ rally in #Georgia where he said that he would not let #Beijing, China “take our country over.” He also iterated that the current media situation is a battle between good and evil and that it is “1776 in America again.”


We’re going to fight for our Liberty. We’re going to send that message from wheels park today. Then we’re going to send it all the way over to Beijing. China. We’re not going to let you take our country over, never going to happen on our watch. This is America. You picked a fight with the wrong people.

I want to thank everyone here. Because I know you’re here because you love America.

I know you’re here because you love Donald Trump and he loves you.

You’re here because we, the people. We’ll not let them steal our vote.

we will not let them steal our freedom. Every lie will be revealed on January the 20th of 2021. Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as president of the United States of America.

We’re gonna send a message. We’re gonna send a message from wills park in Alpharetta, Georgia, to the state Capitol in the golden dome, Georgia, to the roof of the governor’s mansion of Georgia. We’re going to send them a message and the messages this. It’s 1776 in America again,

and you’re not going to take our freedom. We’re going to fight for our Liberty. We’re going to send that message from wheels park today. Then we’re going to send it all the way over to Beijing. China. We’re not going to let you take our country over, never going to happen on our watch. This is America. You picked a fight with the wrong people.

we’re going to send that message. We’re going to send that message. George Saurus get out of our country, George Soros.

We are not going to allow ourselves to go back into the polling booth and you hear us out. Governor Kim, you hear me while you hot in your closet and you hear us, you hear the people, grand Rapids burger,

Lieutenant, governor, Jeffrey, Dunkin, to hear it. And the guy that’s making a ton of money. Gabriel Sterling. You listen up, Gabriel. You’re not going to sell our votes to China. We’re not going to vote on your damn machines made in China. We’re going to vote on machines, made.

I believe that a great man. One time called upon. The black Americans to take action. We’re not here for violence, but Martin Luther King Jr. Believed in non-violent civil disobedience, civil disobedience. I want you to go to the governor’s mansion. I want you to circle it. I want you to blow your horns until Brian Kim comes out and orders a special session of the Georgia legislature, get us our legislature and tell everybody we want our legislator.

We want him to fix the mess that he created and then he can resign. And then as far as I’m concerned, lock him up.

there’s a few hundreds that need to go with him.

now everybody’s been reading the media stop. It’s a lie.

Stick with OAN and Newsmax. They tell you the truth. Read the April times. They tell you the truth. This is the battle between good and evil. This is the battle between truth and lies. I’m going to introduce now a person that’s going to tell you the truth. They want to know where’s your evidence. Show us your evidence.

Oh, we’re going to show him the evidence. There’s piles of evidence. There’s mountains of evidence. This election was a fraud on America. Donald Trump won a major massive landslide, victory unparalleled in the history of this country. And he’s going to stay in the white house because we, the people voted for him and we, the people run this country.

This country belongs to you and you, and you.

I’ve challenged. I’ve challenged. Governor Kim to step up in front of the people, put his hand on this Bible and tell us that he did not take money from China. He did. So the Brian Rapids burger, they will put their hand on this Bible and swear to the other contrary. If they do, they will commit perjury as there’s another reason to lock them up,

read the United States constitution. And here’s what it makes clear all the power, not some of the power, all of the power. Belongs to the people. This is our country. Tell government what they can and cannot do. They do not control the people. This is our country. We’re going to take it back. We’re circling.

The walls of Jericho. People are printing in this country are circling the walls of Jericho and God almighty is going to tear the walls down. And we’re going to take America back again. You watch it happen. You watching it happen.

you send that message to bill BARR at the justice department. Do your job.

you work for a loss attorney, general BARR. Do your job. You tell the director of the FBI, do your damn job. You work for us. Investigate this road and tell the director of the central intelligence agency get out of our country. You don’t file Americans. You’re not going to ever do it again in America.

God almighty created every one of us. So he created Donald Trump and he gave him a task to fulfill in his life. And that was to be president of the United States in 2020. And he’s going to be president of United States for four more years. Watch it happen. People will not allow it to be taken away from them and neither, and neither will.

Almighty God, God’s going to save this country and he’s going to use every one of you to do it. He’s going to feel you. It’s a spirit of King, David, the warrior. We are the rock. The people are the rocking. We’re going to slay go laugh. The communist, the liberals, the phoneys Joe Biden will never set foot in the office of this country.

It will not happen. Or our world.

I support Donald Trump because he loves the people. I spoke with him the other day. He called me.

I want you to know one thing that he told me. He knows he won this election. He said, if I lost this election fair and square, I would concede, but he said, Leon, I didn’t lose it. I want him. And he said to me, with a conviction of the president of the United States of America, I will never concede. Don’t you ever concede, Mr.

President, you won this election. America voted for you stay in the white house.

Well, I want to tell you a personal story. If you don’t mind, I was 16 years old.

Tell the story first that bus Mr. Hamilton brought over a thousand people here today. Give him a hand, give him a round of applause.

I was 16 years old.

my mother died, went to the Morgan. My father went to prison. I didn’t have one damn dime in my pocket,

but I took the talent that God gave me. And I had the fighting spirit to make it, but in any other country in the world, I would not have made it. I made it because I was born in America and America gave me the opportunity to succeed in my life. And that’s why I love America. And that’s why I’m willing to fight for America.

And that’s why you got to fight for America. This was our country. Don’t let anybody take it away from us. It’s 17. 76. This is our battle. This is our fight. 1776 is back. Send that message from Georgia. The battleground state of Georgia. The battle starts here today at Will’s park in this land, in this place with these people, we’re going to take our country back again.

If 1776, God bless you. And God bless them.

We’re going to answer your questions. So what I’m going to ask you to do, and we’ve got to do it in a very orderly fashion, please. If you can come around to the bus and we’ll get a line here and we’ll pull you up here, you can ask your question and Sydney Powell, or I probably Sydney. She’s the smart one.

We’ll give you the answers. We’ll tell you the truth. I’ve had tens of thousands of emails sent to me telling me how they got cheated offering to help people love this country. And I want to thank every one of them, even if they’re not named. They know who they are and God blessed him.

Anybody, anybody on the, if you’ll try to give your question to us clearly, shortly and succinctly, here we go. Come on out. First of all, sitting year my hero,

I had the chance, um, What do, what should we say? Give us some responses to give to friends or loved ones who think we’re crazy. I’m, I’m keeping the faith. I CA I ingest the news that I choose to ingest, and I see that justice should prevail, but we have a lot of people who are discouraged. And so they’ve kind of get, some of them have given up, but what should we say to them?

Other than that, we still believe, well, let Sydney answer that, but I’m going to tell you a quicker what I tell them. You tell them the only one perfect man walked on the face of this earth. And they said he was crazy too, but he wasn’t crazy. He was Jesus Christ. Tell him they said the same thing about Jesus Sydney.

These are, are very difficult times. Some of us have lost good friends and family members have gone a different way over the fact that we are insisting on the truth. It’s just extremely difficult. The mainstream press is effectively brainwashing people. Yeah. I think the best way to try to approach it is to have a calm, factual conversation.

But at the same time, we have to realize that the power of the media to lie is so overwhelming. That it’s very hard for some people who won’t go to original source material or really be open to the facts. To confront the reality. That’s really in front of them. Yeah. Digital soldiers. Yup. Rolf LANs, digital soldiers have been a huge help in bringing us the truth.

So there are lots of people you can follow on Twitter, but in terms of, you know, those personal relationships that we’ve all lost, other than trying to keep loving them. And reaching out to them with the truth and maintaining that consistency. I don’t know. There’s no easy answer for that.

Thank you. You could also, you could also tell them. Turn off the television. What was it? Joe Biden said, tell him to go listen to the phonograph.

I would tell anybody to think for themselves, don’t accept what you read in the newspapers and what you see on TV. They’re liars. Go look up. A color revolution because that’s, what’s going on in America right now. China’s making its move because they need our land to grow their food. They can’t take four more years of Donald Trump protecting America.

So keep your guard up. Defend yourself and whatever it. It takes within the bounds of law. You fight for your freedom question. Okay. So my question is I’ve been hearing a lot about the dominion switching votes in the computer. Okay. But when they did the hand recount in Georgia, why didn’t we then see massive discrepancies between what the computer totals were.

And what the paper valid recounts were. If they, if they moved 50,000 from, from Biden to Trump, wouldn’t we see 50,000 less Biden votes in the recount, ran them back through the computer. Yeah. But, but yeah, but then the paper ballots would have to match. Exactly. If you get a hand. Count of the paper balance and envelopes on that seventies, Donald Trump won Georgia by a landslide.

Georgia did not do a full hand recount of the ballots in the one County where they did do the hand. Recount. We found exactly what you’re talking about. It was a small precinct. Uh, I don’t remember the total number of votes. But they flipped 37 from Trump to Biden in this very small precinct. It was 0.5, two or 52%.

I think of the votes. There. So they waited Biden votes at 1.52, and they waited Trump votes at 0.48. When the votes went into the machine to change them, we you’ve been destroying ballots, right. And left. We have shredded ballots that we found. It wouldn’t even be possible now in Georgia to accurately count the, the actual ballots.

Yeah. They, they have been destroying evidence. They did, there was a fake, um, a software update and Fulton County. Uh, they took the server, they changed the server. They’ve been destroying evidence, right. And left and they know their caught.

the reason. Well, there’s several reasons why we can’t, we can’t get it. All one they’re destroying evidence and other, the machines are actually built to even try to alter the audit trail for them. But we’d have to have a real hand count of every ballot and every envelope to get an accurate count of the, of the votes

they left. Some folks out real quick. Ask yourself this question. If you’re saying any money to the Republican party in Georgia, or you sent any money to the national Republican, where the hell are they? Where’s Ronna McDaniel. Where’s David Schaefer. Why all the Republicans not fighting for Donald Trump?

If they don’t fight for Donald Trump, including. Loffler and Schaefer send them all home.

I know about the law of defamation.

I know about the damn crooked FBI too. I represent a Richard jewel

I know about fraud. Ask your company called DaVita stole $495 million of your taxpayer money. I got him back for you.

The law of defamation says that if you make a false statement against somebody that’s defamatory, they can Sue you listen carefully. Governor Kemp listen carefully, Brad Raffin Spurger. I stayed as a matter of fact, That’s you are criminals. You took money from dominion. You took money from China with the COVID purchase.

And I damn well met. You will never Sue me because the truth will prove that I am right. You need to go to jail,

follow the money, follow the money. These fat cats sit around spending your money. Giving it to China’s sticking in their family’s pockets. That’s not America. This country has got to get back to the truth. This is what you’re here for. You’re here because you love truth.

I love truth too. And I know as a matter of fact, spiritually and factually. That only the truth will set you free follow the money, find the truth. Let the people of Georgia know the truth and let’s get some new people running this state. Did you know that the user manual for dominion teaches them how to delete batches of ballots?

Did you know that? I’ll tell you what? I didn’t know that vote in person by CAD library. I never knew. That my vote was going to leave Fulton County pass through Venezuela, Canada find its way over to Barcelona or Frank, and that I had cast it. And we just learned this on a machine with software that is 75% owned by the communist party of China.

I didn’t vote on a Chinese machine. I would never have done it.

we’ve got to get back to simple rules. They had one of the most legitimate elections in recent history in Iraq, they voted by fingerprint. It’s not that hard. Think about the millions and millions and millions of your dollars that had been wasted, running them back through these China machines. He who has nothing to hide, hide nothing.

What is Brian Kemp hiding? What is Brad? Raffin Spurger hiding. Follow the money, follow those corporations. Find out what really happened to your vote and who sold it to China. Donald Trump is fighting both parties right now. The Republicans are not helping him. The Democrats are not going to ever help him.

They wanna, they want to get him out of office even so bad. They cheat openly. The only people that are helping Donald Trump are people like you and me, we, the people or helping Donald Trump that cause we know that Donald Trump loves the people. I spoke with a close friend of the presidents six months ago and he told me the first time the president ran.

He thinking about building up his brand and then he decided to get out and not run. And then he went across the country and he taught to the people anyway, excited to run because he knew that people didn’t have representation ran for you, the people. So he’s not going to stay in office because of the Republican party.

He’s going to stay in office. Because we, the people demanded it. When we voted for him, I’ve looked at the real numbers. He went over 410 electrical electoral votes. Hey, one damn near one. Every state, including California, 80 plus million votes.

We’re not going to let them steal. Our election, we’re not going to let them steal our country and we will die before we’ll ever let them steal our freedom. When I tell you it’s 1776, again,

there were 56 men that signed the declaration of independence. They were pretty well off. Eight been in America for a hundred plus years. I had a lot to lose the families, the plantations, their fortunes. The good names that they had built up over the first hundred years before 1776,

56 men signed the declaration of independence.

Remember this part of that declaration. We play to each other, our lives. Our fortunes and our sacred honor, and most of them lost their fortunes. Many of them lost their lives, but they did it. For their children and their grandchildren and the generations to come because they did it for freedom time. Now, pledge your whole life, your fortune, your sacred honor to keep this country free.

This is our country. Keep America free. God bless everyone out here. Go to go to the governor’s mansion, go to the state Capitol while your horns send a message. This is America. We’re going to keep it free. God bless you all. And God bless America.