You see news networks like Fox that are ignoring all that mainstream media. They flipped on us. They do not want to hear it. They won’t let people like me on and they don’t want to hear anybody mention it. They discount it completely. But we know it’s true because we watched it being prepped. They used it in the primaries.

McInerney believes if not for vote tampering, this would have been an overwhelming win for President Trump, but that this information must be given to the right judges so they can act on it. And quickly, if that doesn’t happen, he predicts it could have dire consequences for future elections.

If Republicans lose this election, they will never win another one again. It will really be hammer and sickle and that flag of Russia and the Soviet Union and communism will be.

Bio: Thomas McInerney (born March 15, 1937) is a retired United States Air Force Lieutenant General, who served in top military positions under the Secretary of Defense and the Vice President of the United States. … Since his retirement in 1994, McInerney has been on the boards of several military contractors.