Articia Bomer witnessed Dems counting spoiled ballots for Biden and tampering with machines at Cobo, MI


All right. Could you please state your name? Yes. Articia Bomer. How do we spell that? We’re going to spell that A R T I C I A. And bomber is B O M E R. Okay. And are you a resident of Michigan? I am okay. For how many years? For over 45 years. Okay. So you are over the age of 18? I’m 48 years old. All right.

Did you personally witness all the events we’re going to discuss? Yes. Okay. Uh, what days were you involved in the election? This year? November the third and November 4th. Okay. What were you on the third? How was that TCF center? Downtown. Detroit. Okay. And, uh, what time were you there? First arrived there between nine and 9:30 PM.

Okay. And how long did you stay over until the next day? On November the fourth, around 6:30 AM.

Okay. Was that the only time you were there was that one stent? They would not let me in the second time to come back. Gotcha. Okay. Uh, so what was your role when you were there? Okay. Uh, were you trained? Yes, I was. Okay. Who were you, uh, representing as a whole challenger? Well, I was a US taxpayer party, but I was under the Michigan GOP tribe, us taxpayers, the organization.

So us taxpayers party in Michigan. This is a party. I was the candidates. Okay.

Okay. Great. So, um, what did you witness? Well, I’ll wait. It’s a lot. Okay. Take your time. I took notes so that I can be able to have my notes when we get it done. Uh, would it be okay if we have a scan? Those are, or keep them instead of acting okay. Before you can scan them today and I’ll take them back with me today.

Okay. Okay. So around nine 30, between nine 30 and 10. We were in room 260 upstairs and TCF building, where we all had to gather to get instructions, to cover our shirts. In case we had shirts on at hand dollar Trump or anything, anything that showed a party, right. We were forced to cover our shirts with black t-shirts that they bought lots of packets packages of sitting on the counter.

Okay. Um, I refuse to put the t-shirt on. Cause I told him I would just cover it up with my jacket. Which I did. I had Donald Trump buttons. I had John James t-shirts, so I covered them up. I zip my jacket up and covered it up. Um, when we got downstairs to a room, I don’t know the room number, but we were on our way to go downstairs to the first floor.

And, and so it was a big room, real huge room where there were news reporters, all cameras, just action. Um, there was a bit of a line. We were in the line waiting to get, um, our tables. Okay, we’ll go pass down. They will want to make sure that we had this sticker whose stand our tenders are on the way in my temperature was 96.9.

Um, and this is my credentials TCF, um, Paul challenger as well. Um, I was also a whole challenger in the daytime of November, the third as well, went around to various precincts and I saw. Things there too. There was fraud, but we’ll stick to TCF for now. So we get to the lady, um, those few ladies at a table and we get downstairs, um, just to make sure we had got scanned and decided we did.

So my table was one 23 and one 20 both tables were positioned right next to each other and they were right in front right now. All the cameras couldn’t miss me. When we got there around 1143, I’m sorry. Between 11 and 1130 announcement came on the microphone by the moderator there a black guy, GE announced we need all of the table leads to come over to the far left corner is I’m facing that way.

And they all went pollen to the left, to this knee that they had. Um, the other poll workers were sitting at the table still, and this was the night of electricity, the night of the election, 11, 11:30 PM. Okay. After they had the meeting, they announced that the Valley County will begin. So we are, as opposed to having to, we’re already positioned at our tables and the table outline lifted like this.

So he would have. The lead is number one and the valleys were go around the table in this direction. So you mentioned this, this gentleman that spoke with all the team leads. Do you know what he said? Um, we, we couldn’t hear him. He had his secret meeting with them over into a corner. He had several secret meetings with them.

He called him more than twice. So to the corner during Halloween, before County and after college, do you know who that guy was? Um, no, but I’ll be able to describe him. Okay. Um, and he was a black man and he was dark skinned. He was around maybe between five, eight and six feet tall. Um, and he would have these meetings with the leads.

Well, at my particular table, which was one 23, we had a black man about maybe five eight in height, dark with glasses, a little bald on the top. He said something very disturbing was where they started calling him. His words were this, he was talking to one of the other poll workers at the table. He told the poll worker, this is our house tonight.

Right. And the poll worker said yes. And he said, so from now on, they’re going to do what we tell them to do. So I take that as this is our house, the Democrats and Republicans or independents, or anybody else outside of that, it’s going to do what we tell them to do tonight. So, how did you know the man that said this was a Democrat?

Um, because he told, he said that he was a Democrat when he was asked. Okay. Yes. Um, when I, what I deserved observed awesome was, uh, all of the leads that they were calling to the meeting. Most of them had black lives, matter of face mask on them. Also the blue mask with votes in the corner, on the face, like doing our governor oppression, wares in her interview.

And they weren’t blue. We were, we apologize. We told we can’t show anything, but the poll workers was allowed to wear everything. They had Biden shirts, everything you can think of that devils from Democrats. So just to make sure we’re clear, what in your mind was the significance of them? Um, intimidation.

I, my mom had, and it was Democrats of course, because is the Democrat party chose? The color blue is, um, Um, pertain to democratic party. Yeah. That’s what I thought you meant. I just want to make sure. Okay. Gotcha. Yeah. Um, so right away, that was very intimidating because I went with four or sorry, five Caucasian women.

And I was the only African-American window with my crew and I felt very bad for them and disturbed for them because they were frightened. They were older women to me, and they were frightened from the black lives matter masks. They were dogged out right in front of me, dog down dog. Now I was saying when, when the, when the poll workers would talk to us and say, Oh, you look nice.

Cause I was for, they were flirting with me big time and my mom stayed sealed because they already gave us instructions. We’re not allowed to talk to poll workers at all. Cause they can kick you out. Well, they will keep talking to us and distract us and hit on us. And they even told them one phone worker came hollering out the back.

You’re not allowed to talk to them. You can’t talk to the poll workers talking to my lady, friend and me. She was talking to us as a group. Um, and I told the ladies, I said, look, y’all have to be quiet. Well, they talked to me first. I say, I don’t care. I don’t care if they say you’re pretty, your dog has nice for you.

You drive a beautiful car, do not talk to them because they will throw us out. And that’s their excuse to try to throw you out. So, is that what you meant by, they were getting dogged out as if they were just trying to trick them into breaking the rules? Yes, they did. They would break it. They would dog them out and tell them you can’t talk.

And that they made the first conversation. Gotcha. They were talking to us first. We would not talk to them. They would come and say things to us. People that were party in front, my mouth stayed sealed. Some of the ladies are just friendly and they wanted to answer the questions, but I kept making them aware.

Do not talk to them. They are not your friends right now. They are doing their jobs. So did you feel that the poll workers were colluding to get a public and poll Watchers injected? They were definitely colluding to get us ejected, but for my group, I kept on them hard. Do not talk to them. Do not act in state no matter what they do.

We are here for a job and that is the challenge. Okay. But you personally witnessed them trying to trick Republican poll Watchers and to breaking the rules. They tried to me, they would hit on me. Um, where are you from? Or you look beautiful. Your hair is just so beautiful. They were doing all of this distracting us while we’re talking to us.

They’re taking Apple, um, letters out of our envelopes. When I walked around the table around 12, after 12 midnight into November the fourth, I observed one of the ladies. So this is how the table, she said up at the top at number four, I observed her look in the envelope. So it was said ball straight ticket, red, Republican, straight ticket.

She looked at it and she turned her nose and she tapped the lady that’s next to her, which would be sitting right here. And they both were standing and rolled their eyes and they folded back up and they shoved it back in the envelope. Well, that’s not the process. The process is once you take that out of the envelope, you pass it around to this person and it goes back around, over from, sorry.

This person and it goes down here. Well, they weren’t doing that. Every time I observed, uh, a straight ticket or I saw Donald Trump’s name circled in, they would shove it back in the envelope and they would put it back in the pile. Every time, every time they saw it, they would shut up. It was so many boats.

They even had USP as boxes, stacked up by the threes under each person. And on the top of those ballots, Was either registering tape or you can see Donald Trump’s name, shaded him. And they were all on the floors. All the tables had these boxes. When I went around monitoring, they were all on the floor.

They were either straight tickets or somebody shaded his name and it just went across the Valley with different such shadings in other areas. Um, and they were sitting on the floor. And so I asked him the man that was sitting right here. Um, why are these still sitting on the floor? He said, Oh, they were already counted.

But remember we just started the County a little bit past 11:30 PM on November the third. So how can all those be colleagues that quick? It was impossible with several I. So how many of these straight red ticket or votes or president Trump, did you witness approximately. Uh, go back into, into the envelope or whatever after they were.

Um, so they came in a pack of 50 out of the 50. It would be maybe just two that they were happy about. So I didn’t get in just like to balance that we’ll come out and we put the rest of them back in the envelope. Cause they count 50 at the time too. They were two or three. We’ll be happy in each pile.

We’ll never be. More than five ballots that they were happy about, that they actually passed around and rolled out one girl, rolled them up and then she would roll them out with her hand and to straighten them, to make sure, I guess they’re going to get fed in a tablet. So how many groups of 50 did you witness this happen with?

Oh my God. More than 50, more than a hundred. Which table was, this was this boat. This is, so there were two tables together, one 23 right here. And one 20 right here, both the same, or went and looked under their table. It was all either straight red tickets or Donald Trump tickets right there. When I went up to the book closed, they saw me looking and they will cover the top mountains.

They covered them up. I also observed, we want to get these sides starting now. Because I wrote my notes while I was there. So I guess I told you that I saw tons of votes for Trump were put to the side and said they already call it them already around five. I’m sorry. We go backwards.

Oh. So tons of Trump vote valleys were being removed from our envelopes and ladies rolled their eyes and put back in homiletics. That was my notes. Do you know what happened to them after they got put in the boxes data, data, once that was an envelope and put them back in a black thing on their desk. So they, so, and all the computer screen, it had a name of a church.

I was trying to write it down and it was like mot something, tabernacle, missionary Baptist church, something like that to where these computers were. I don’t know if they were donated or what, but he had a church label on them. It was church labels on the, on the computer. They would override so many ballots that I saw they would, they would put in a scanner and DNA on there.

It would say, are you sure you want to override to them? Like something, in other words, it’s a Republican ballot, but they went in and overwrite read the system and they would put, they would take the mouse and click. Yes. And a green check Mark would come in and says, uh, processed or some or something. But this was after they kept overriding each and every last ballot that they put into their scanner that was on their table, they would override them not one time.

Did I see one goes through and it was just went through, they were overriding ballots. What do you mean by overriding? It would plug in the system. So if my Mo is for a Democrat, you could override into Republican. If it’s a Republican, you can override it to Democrats. And it specifically says, do you want to override it?

And they were overriding them. They had, I couldn’t believe that the accents that they was allowed to do in such a national election, it was shocking. So did you, uh, did you try to challenge any of this, these poll workers or, or challenges processing anyway, it’s kind of a tricky situation because it sounds like what you’re telling me.

Is that there were a lot of Republican votes or, or Trump votes that were not even being that potentially were not being counted. Counted. That seemed to be what you were implying by saying the process not being followed. Correct. So there’s nothing, there’s not a vote to challenge there. How do you challenge the lack of a vote as well?

Good question. So I would, because we couldn’t talk to them when I saw it happening, I would go because as soon as I would say something to them, I can get thrown out. I did not want to get thrown out. And this was a serious case, a serious matter. I could’ve been at home or at a victory party celebrating.

I was on the ballot. I could have been at home celebrating. I wasn’t looking for my name in the pile. I was looking on the injustice that they were doing to see if this are red tickets or blue tickets. Did you raise the issue with any of the supervisors or team waits? Yes, we did. We raised them with attorneys that were on the floor.

There were attorneys on the floor for it. Um, the public challengers. Do you know which attorney it was? I mean, he had gray hair, male salary. He was a white man. He was a skinny, he had a big blue jacket on. Um, he was very thrilled. He had a whole, uh, of books or taking our taking notes, um, telling us that there he’s taken it down for us and everything.

We even had a pole watch the pole Valley, counter it, a person in person, any public challenger. She came up to me after she saw me following him in. So one of the valleys, I saw a few of them, but this particular Valley had cursive written on the Valley right up under the, the strip that you tear the barcode.

They had a cursive handwriting written on the Valley in three sentences, in three, three sentences. He was reading it and read it. And he, and they didn’t even have a number on the barcode. So let me tell you that too. A lot of the ballots that they were putting through. And it didn’t and then you’d have ditches at the time, no digits at home.

Um, so I brought this, I followed this man with the one with the cursive writing. He walked to the tables here. He walked to the right side, over to another person’s table to a lady, a black lady, and she was looking at it and reading it and she was looking above and she was looking back, Oh, you’re too close.

She was telling me I’m too close. And I knew I was six feet or more back. That was why it was so hard to read because you can’t read this from over there. And that’s how far it was standing away. But I saw her take the valet and folded. It was bumped up attempt to put it down. I said, , that’s all I can say.

Cause I couldn’t talk to them. I was like when I had my mask on too, and she looked back and rolled her eyes at me and she would give it back to him. Well, while she was going that way, I was following him. But I noticed a tall white man was at the tabulators. The actual tabulators were sitting in the middle aisle.

He was at the tabulator and this caught my eye. Didn’t follow the man, which I did follow him for some time. And I told one of my lady friends to go follow him. So that would be Linda Sawyer. She followed him. When I saw the tabulator, a man was spraying his chemical all up in here to spray and spray and spray.

And we don’t know what it was. They had a long straw on it, like WD 40 and stuff. He was frightened and puts this dam on it. He was just spraying all in tabulator. He was spreading the screen spread inside of the lift, a roller on where you put the speed, the ballots through it was open and he was spraying stuff.

All of in here. Then he peeled off. He looked up in the part where you read with a belly breeze. The valid numbers are usually right here to bar couples and you put it in like this well, and that part of the machine, he went in there and I saw him dig out and pull off the whites. It looked like correction tape.

Well, it was for racing tape because not only I witnessed him walking around with this correction tape. But a lot of other people did as well. And he took notes. So can you explain the significance of that? What happens if somebody has correction tape on a ballot, then it goes from the news. What do you think’s going on there?

Well, actually it wasn’t on the Valley. It was inside of the tapping later. So that means if you put the valid through it, won’t read anything and you can override and push. Yes, I’m overriding. So this is just like a strip of paper you can use to mess with the machine. There was a whole strip of. White correction tape that I saw him placed back in that same area after he peeled it out because the ballads were getting jammed.

The valleys that he had in his hands had 50 stack of them and they had no numbers at the time. So how would it, I’m curious about how a tabulating machine would even read that valid. There’s no numbers on it. Well, I would assume that it doesn’t read it and that you can go on the system. And like I said, Put down, this is a blue ticket, or this is a red ticket, or this is an independent ticket and it was a power 50 and the man put, put them in and I would count them and they go in and tune shows.

I can’t find two. I would be like it’s three, four, five. I would keep counting. It will be 27 and they would go through and the rest would get stuck. That’s what he would do. Continue to put those same 20, 70. And instead of putting those 27 to the side that was red already include the remaining ones. And that would equal up to fifth.

He did not do that. If then he put that same amount is over 10 times flip the same balance in 10 times, over 10 times, the machine doesn’t have a way to know whether the same ballot or barcode or number, or whatever’s already been put in how you covered the sensor. You covered the reader. The reader was covered for a fact, because even peeled it off because after so long, I see.

Okay. So the correction tape you’re talking about is over a scanner. Like kind of like when you go to the store or something and you scan your groceries in the yeah. He was covering that. Yes, he was also peeled the winding off because after so many valleys go through, it’s going to get crumbled up. It’s it’s only the stickiest.

Hey, correction, tape. So he would peel that off, like stretch it on off and peel it. It would be wrinkled up and he would do like this to it. And then he would take another piece of the white tape look around and just slide it on in there, right under that reader and put the same, that balance in a good, you saw him.

I saw him do this. Do you know his name? I do not know the man’s name. They was not showing identification. They were had their badges turned to the other side, which is the opposite way where they’re supposed to show up. Uh, so correction tape, man. Can you describe him to us? He was tall whites and his hair looked a little bit like you’re a little gray, a little dark.

Um, and he was the, uh, he looked like he was the maintenance of the tabulators. And how tall do you think he was? Um, so I am I eight and a half. He in like, he was a baby mouse polluted just a little bit taller than me. He was a slim. How tall are you? Not five. Seven he’s. Okay. I’ll tell you that. He’s a little bit taller than him.

Maybe order his height a little bit shorter than you might come up to your, maybe to the bottom of your eyes. Okay. He was sled age. So his age approximately I’m 48 and I look young. So I couldn’t tell you, he could have been, would say between forties and fifties or sixties, just look. Whatever, but he was slim.

He wasn’t skinny, but he was slim. He wasn’t, he wasn’t, he was slim. He had a, um, a jacket on, um, and if I’m not mistaken, he might’ve even had a cap on. Um, but he was the one over there, screaming. And now I’m talking about spraying all up in there and I saw a stack of, well, not a stack of, but the front page of said.

Republican party and they did not put those through. They left those to the side. Um, did he have the correction tape with him? The whole time walked around? Other witnesses observed him walking around with correction tape. And it makes sense now because I actually saw him putting it in. And you said your friend Linda’s Sawyer saw it.

Linda Sawyer. Um, Cheryl concertina, patina. You’re going to get some witnesses that we have not even talked to each other yet. We have, we, we, they can’t believe like every, all these people have the same allegations. All of us can and not be not telling the truth. You said Cheryl, Constantina upstairs. Come to Tina.

Linda Sawyer to three other ladies was with us. I don’t know their names because I had just met them that night. But I was trying by Cheryl Constantina, she’s the chairperson of the Michigan GOP and Rose points. How many tabulator machines were there? So I only witnessed one tabulator machine there because that was my focus once I saw him working.

Sure. Okay. But you saw him, Roman told the other ones. Okay. I saw him at this particular ones just kept on doing stuff to that one. And he was on that one for like a good in front of me and good, 30 to 40 minutes. Was there anybody else who you saw with correction tape other than him? Can we just all just one person walking around Caressa take all night.

And there was this guy that was him. What were you mainly in one area or were you kind of rolling around the whole and the one area watching one 23, a one 20 and we had another lady named Linda was going around. She saw things, she put it in. She actually was able to put challenges in, I got the training to do that, but I had to stay focused and make my notes.

Do you think there’s any other possible reason you would put correction tape inside the tabulator machine? The only reason for putting a aggression tape is to either override the system or to not that the numbers that Donald Trump had coming in show. I mean, he, it was tons of them. Every table had either a real straight ticket circle in it or had Donald J Trump’s name circled in it, um, for the tabulator machine that you observed.

Did you did have correction tape the entire night? Well, I can’t tell you what was in here for the entire night of you. There was already some in there and I saw him peel that out and then I saw him place it back in there. I’m thinking it’s part of the machine, because the part in here is white. In the, in the machine before, when you described it, you said you looked around and look around, what did you interpret that look around me, we’ll find out and see if anybody’s watching him.

And when he turned around and looked around, I would play it off and look at, you know, look around myself. News cameras were there. It was bright lights, one particular news camera looking very angry at me that I was doing my job. He had the light shining bright on me. And I tried to turn this way and then he would follow me with the light would follow the side of my peripheral peripheral vision.

So he was following me and he was looking very evil in the face at me. I didn’t, I can’t assume anything, but in my opinion, he was mad and he was part of the process of the fraud. And he was mad that I was taking concern in the actions of the fraud. So, do you know what channel he was with? I don’t. Okay. I can tell you that.

I know the channels were there. I seen w D T van there on news radio. I seen, um, w did I saw Fox two news. I saw w X, Y, and Z, and a host of other, um, uh, news radio channel trucks outside. And there was a lot of, uh, like police officers surrounding the building and they were padlocked all the doors except for one main door.

Uh, so for correction tape guys, or come back to that, did anybody call him over or did he go by himself? Well, I didn’t know that part cause he was already into machine while I was observing the guy with the value they had. So pen writing on it. So for about 10 piles, it would be 51 balance in there. And then it would be a ballad with a personal handwriting on each one.

So out of 10 pounds or 50. So then it was cursing right in the corners as if these ballads were already pre there. And then, and this is part of the fraud. And even this is my assumption. You could read the cursive, but it was the Curt. Did it, could you tell from six feet away, whether it was the same handwriting, same in writing all across the board, they was the same.

It was in the same spot. And it was three lines worth of cursive. Was it old pencil or it wasn’t, it looked like it was in either pencil or. Lies black ink. Okay, great. Great. Um, and then the balance on the floor that the, the, the, the people at the table did not count. You didn’t see what ended up with those, those balance.

It helped me that those battles were already counted, but they were sitting there when we arrived in here to do this poll challenging before they even made an announcement to start. And every time that like these people were super excited and DePaul. People were super excited and every time he would make a knock, how are we doing out there?

It was like, woo. And who would do that? If you got thousands of Trump votes? So they were like, woo, you’re doing a great job. So did you perceive that the people who were cheering were favoring, the Democrats, Democrats? Absolutely. Even the black lives matter mass people, the people that weren’t aggressive with our mass.

Whoo. They were super excited. And we want our house, somebody super excited. Oh, let me tell you nothing. They got super excited. These are the people who are counting. These are people that sat at the tables, paid election workers, pay election workers at 600, a pop and more. Yeah. And guess what? Um, you would think they’re tired?

Oh no. They made an announcement before they asked us to watch the ballot. You can take out your cell phones and you can use them. Just don’t do any recording or take pictures. Everybody was clapping. Woo. And that is totally against the rules. You are not supposed to have your cell phone now. What did you think that allowed them to do that?

Probably the, just make them feel happy that they’re still there and maybe they can play a game while they sit there because some of them were getting bored. Some of them were getting tired. You can see their face, but every time they would say, how are we doing out there? They was like, like we know in the Brown, we got, we got this and I’m telling you it was the no other feeling in me, but that really, and also one of the guys.

There. Cause I wanted to make sure I read these notes. So around, like I said, for all three, they made the announcement. 50 boxes just came in, who wants to count 50 more boxes with who? What time you said it was around 4:03 AM in the morning. Then this was the day after this is November the fourth. Going into the November, the fourth, late Tuesday night, early Wednesday morning.

And they said 50 bucks, um, ladies that we would like to announce that 50 boxes just came in. Why did they typically announce that new boxes have come in? No. And they also made an announcement before that. Um, somebody left their boxes up here and we need to get people to come back up here. Y’all left boxes up here.

We still have too many boxes left up here. We need y’all to table leaves to send somebody else to come get them. What was in the boxes. You don’t know. I don’t know where they bell boxes. They were mad in boxes. There were tons of big black ballot boxes sitting in the middle of the floor. We never saw OB.

They never opened these boxes in front of us. So were those the, were those the blank ballots perhaps that they use for duplication when there is a defective ballot? No. These are supposed to be valid that were. Side, um, checked off. We already voted for it, complete it that way. Did you see who put those battles?

Those boxes there for those boxes? This was sitting in there when we arrived a whole slew of them in a row sitting down a lie. So you left before that. So th they were there for three, 1130 on November, the third on election night. All of them sat in the middle of 50 boxes, not the 50 bucks that came in four.

These were boxes already in the IOA, right? So the 50 bucks is from a four Oh three. You didn’t see.

Who would’ve seen that we don’t know because we never saw them. And then at five around 5:15 AM they announced? Well, thank you, everybody. All of the doctors have encountered what, um, where were the 50 boxes? Where in the, where at TCF? Did you see the 50 boxes? I see the 50 buses at all. I did not see it.

I’m sorry to say. Yeah, me personally did not see any 50 boxes at all. They just announced it. And within a NEC within an hour, they said, well, thank you, you guys, you, you check. If you check all of the boxes and they’re all checked and you can start cleaning up your tables and it was okay. W sorry, I’m sorry.

What time did they say that again? All they’d all been counting all around five between five and 5:15 AM. Okay. Do you think you could count them any boxes? Even one box and that, that, that fast, because there’s a process, you would have to give them the balance. You would have to give them 50 of these. You would have to have them come up and get them.

Then they don’t have to go down. They would have to use this system at their table first, before it even goes to the middle where the tabulators sit. Um, could you see the whole room at this point? You can just see the whole room like this. You can’t see the tables, you can’t see it. But I did walk around when I told you.

When I saw the boxes and ups boxes stacked up in like threes and fours with Republican parties on them, around the table, around the tables until they saw us aware of them because we weren’t supposed to be that close. There is no way we would have seen them from you over there and they’re on the floor, but we will walk up and go on then and look.

So the guy was flirting with me. I kept walking around his area since he likes flirting. I might as well look at this area first because he’s starting to distract me. Hey, you’re flirting. So I’m going to look in the box. So the 50 boxes at 4:00 AM. Did you see what part of the room they may have gone to?

No, there is no way it came. It was only the door opened right here. The front door. They may not see 50 boxes come in at all whatsoever. Everything else was locked off. Like I told you, there was only escalators to go up and down to the eating rooms to where you eat it. A lot of the people homework, and they were working, they had big luggages, big suitcases, big coolers, and they fed you great there, you didn’t even have to bring food.

They had plenty of food. It was like a buffet of food. You had drinks, coffee, anything you wanted in the room, two 60 where the Polish challenge work. And as well, they had to use cafeteria for the poll workers. They can eat and drink anything they wanted, but they had big, huge boxes under their table that belonged to them.

They were super excited and there’s no way you were super excited unless you know, something. Did you have access to go eat and drink whatever you wanted in this room as well? No, we could not go in that room. They separated us. They had us always continue to go back to room two 16. Okay. Can you were the Republicans were bringing two 60 and who was in this other room with all the food?

Is everything Democrats. Okay. Got it. And there were boxes in there. You said they had a hundred and tables already. People had their own big, huge boxes and big coolers. And we was like, wow, there’s no checking for security. I could have had 10 guns in my backpack. They didn’t check for nothing. They just let you in.

Hmm. So what do you think was in those coolers and stuff? Um, I don’t know. It could be a food. It could have been mountains. It could have been all type of things we weren’t able to do. Gotcha. Anything else you want to tell us? I thought it was, um, very awesome. The one poll challenge me, one poll worker did it impersonated as opposed challenger.

I asked her, I said, are you a pole challenger? And she just shook her head. Yeah, because I was on, on a road, found the one guy and she told me, Oh, he’s okay. He straight pull your mask up. She started talking to real me and I will pull it up, pull up some more, some more and oppose. I was just not going to do that today.

They’re not as cold challenger. One thing about it, we didn’t know any, any, each other at all, but we all were respectful when we knew who each other was, because we was there for one job and one job only. And that’s the challenge of haul and secured the boats and make sure justice is being done with this election.

Um, the announcement at four Oh three was roughly around that time, uh, would there, if anybody was there, could they have missed that announcement? No such thing. They had the microphone, they announced it over there. Everybody heard it. Everybody can hear it. Even if you were upstairs, you can hear it. Now, speaking on the microphone, you, the moderator, which was a black man, and he was the only one the whole time.

Keep making announcements over the speaker. The same we talked about at the beginning. Yes. The same black man. Yes. So he’s the same one who said that they had gotten 50 boxes at four or three. And the same one you said, you know, an hour, hour and a half later, that they count over the balance. And prior to when they said the bosses came in, he asked for another meeting, he had like three to four meetings with these leads.

Why? Like there’s no such thing. As you supposed to walk away from the table, we didn’t have a meeting. We didn’t say all posts hours, let’s go upstairs and go have a meeting. He kept calling them for meetings. And I assume that it’s because they kept getting so many complaints. So many people were challenging.

And they kept having these meetings and they would come back after the meeting. Like I had never seen anybody so super excited in my life and don’t know the results. Wow. Anything else that jumps out at you? And then

we’ve got another lady who’s going to be here in five minutes. You’ve got an appointment at 10, so I want to be sure we’ll take okay.

This is a fantastic interview, by the way. I hate to have to rush you at the end. Yeah, no problem. I think my job is done here. Okay. One more question for you. Did anybody offer you any payment or compensation? Come talk to us today. None. This is volunteer. This is for justice, and this is where to go to court all the way to the Supreme court.

If we have to, because I saw what I saw, I made notes and justice needs to be served. This election was cheated and it needs to be redone. Thank you very much. You’re welcome Mary. One last question. Do you, do you have confidence in the results, but instead Trump will be redeemed and he will be the one, but in the Wayne County election results, do you have any confidence in the results, confidence in any of the relation process now, after this fraud happened right before my eyes, I was traumatized by it.

Someone put me in a hotel for the weekend so I can have breasts so I can be rested because I’m traumatized by this. It hurts my heart. My spirits, my soul, all of the above is traumatizing, constant cry and everything. So this is serious. I don’t sell it. I have never personally met Donald Trump in my life.

My spirit is torn stuff and everything took my whole faith out of the justice systems. And I hope that with this interview, it can help just as much. Thanks. Thank you so much.