Uh, but you know, Amanda nailed it just now, uh, outlining the irregularities and potential fraud would seem, uh, done manually by, by human beings. Uh, but now that we have seized the servers or dominion that we’re over in Germany and we’re starting to get some raw data off of that. Um, I’m just going to, I know you guys have a huge audience house on graduates was for that, but I want everybody to listen to me.

The things that are going to come out are going to shake the globalists to their very core. And when President Trump has declared the winner of this election, what you saw last weekend in the streets, uh, Trump supporters getting attacked in DC. That’s my thing. These people are coming for every city in every suburb.

So be prepared because this is happening. You need to protect yourself. Brian, let me go back to, you said, think things are going to come out. What things. Well, like I said, the servers that were seized in Germany, first of all, why are American election ballots being counted overseas? That’s a question that you have to get from the bottom up, but some of the raw data coming off of this is showing clear examples of how those were actually switched by an algorithm in the software.

Uh, it was distributed for every single vote that go one way, uh, for one candidate, they automatically add votes. And that’s why you saw. Uh, even the New York times own Dana tracker on election night in 68 seconds. President Trump went from being ahead by tens of thousands of votes, uh, ethic. It was in Wisconsin.

So all of a sudden being behind sent thousands of votes in 68 seconds, that’s a statistical anomaly. So what you’re pointing to specifically, you think a bombshell announcement is going to happen with dominion voting systems, uh, the software that was used on dominion specifically, is that correct? Is that what I’m reading?

The fact that dominion and smart MATIC have had become household names in America is freaking the Democrats out. You can see them on Twitter. You can see a media melting down, um, just, just absolutely amplifying their false claims that there’s no. Uh, evidence there’s evidence that’s being filed, uh, in courts all over the country.

And today is the first time that we’re actually going to be appearing in federal court. All these little suits that got dismissed here in their wall, state courts, uh, won by Democrat hack judges. Uh, so we’re not seeing the real deal start, and this is going all the way to the Supreme court. Sean.