Last week we exposed that disturbing black lives matter propaganda video that a teacher in the small town of Burlington, Wisconsin was forcing students to watch tonight. We’re going to show you more videos that we’ve uncovered starting with a lecture on systemic racism, interpersonal racism, expressing bigoted ideas is widely seen as unacceptable, but the protests we’re seeing today, aren’t really about that sort of thing.

There are about structural racism in our society. A built-in system of bias that makes life easier for white people and more difficult for black people in other people of color. So if you didn’t understand that with those little goofy cartoons, we’re supposed to know that America is an inherently racist, evil place.

And that must be why millions of people of color immigrate here every year. Well, but that’s not all listen to how the video describes the events that led up to the founding of black lives matter. After the jury found the killer, not guilty, three community organizers started the black lives matter hashtag because the verdict seemed to be saying that Trayvon Martin’s life didn’t matter a year later, a police officer killed 18 year old, Michael Brown and Ferguson, Missouri.

Brown was unarmed when he was shot multiple times. Uh, well, they fail to mention, of course, that Brown attacked officer, Darren Wilson in his car, and even lunch for his gun here to respond to all of this and a lot more Shelby Steele, Hoover institution, senior fellow, the man behind the documentary. What killed Michael Brown?

Uh, Shelby. Uh, this series by, uh, the race hucksters is something we’re going to see in a lot of schools across the country. Your initial take.

Well, what’s interesting is, is, uh, w interested us in the film is that, uh, here you have this 18 year old boy shot by a white policeman. Thousands of people. Descend on the small town of Ferguson, Missouri, a suburb of st. Louis, um, at the same time in Chicago and the same year over 3000 boys were shot. And of course, uh, no one paid much attention in Ferguson around Michael Brown is this is an event that happened in a society that is still sadly.

A little bit guilty about his history of racism. Uh, and so therefore the fact that there was a white trigger finger here that, that, uh, shot Michael, uh, sort of echoes this, this history of American racism. And so it was just pregnant with power and people descended on the town. Uh, black lives matter was matter was a group that, uh, formed.

Uh, in Ferguson as a reaction to this, uh, and it, it, it is still with its transformed. Uh, certainly our racial politics, if not a good deal more than that. Uh, but in the end, my feeling is it’s just about power and Michael Brown represented power. And people descended on that town to get some of that power.

If you’re a young African American kid or a young white kid, and you’re watching this for the first time, we, they haven’t seen your, your documentary, they, they weren’t alive or don’t remember the truth of what ultimately was reported about. Let’s just say Michael Brown’s death. And so they see this cartoon.

It is depressing. I mean, it, it, I mean, no wonder, you know, these kids come out thinking this is a really rotten, horrible, awful racist country. That’s what these schools are teaching our kids. Right. It’s, it’s worse than that. It is what, what the goal of, of all of this propaganda is to, is to first make the transform the black identity itself into a victim focused identity.

So the, the tragedy here, what breaks your heart here? Is there in a sense of deucing these young students into thinking of themselves as victims in the world? Not only that, but, but to be proud of it and to take, take an attitude of militancy, uh, toward the larger society as the authentic way to be black in America is to hate on America.

Uh, charge America with one sin after another. That is what makes you, who you are. It makes you authentically black. If you’re not like that, if you say, well, it’s more complicated than that. Uh, all white people are not bad. Uh, if you say the truth, which is that white Americans have made one of the greatest, uh, instances of moral evolution in all of human history from the sixties to today.

I can testify to that. I was born and raised in segregation. Uh, well that side of it is never mentioned. That’s where the real freedom for blacks lies, but black, black groups themselves, like black lives matter. And I want to make a point. These, these groups are not that representative. They’re sort of the young people acting out as happens.

In every generation or every other generation and get your quick take really quick on what Barack Obama said today, uh, or over the weekend, uh, he was interviewed for his new memoir. About why Donald Trump was elected in 2016. He said it was as if my very presence in the white house had triggered a deep seated panic, a sense that the natural order had been disrupted for millions of Americans spooked by a black man in the white house.

He meaning Trump promised an elixir for their racial anxiety. Now that’s in the memoir itself shall be reaction quickly. Well, it makes me sad. I I’ve never been a great fan of mr. Obama. Uh, but this is really, really disappointing. This, this, I think makes the point, uh, Bama feels a pressure, many blacks do.

We all do really that if you don’t really take on a negative attitude toward America, you are somehow inauthentic as a black person. And so we as black suffer. From what might be called the angst of inauthenticity. And so we do as what you just mentioned, Obama, we identify with, with victimization as the deep and profound truth of who we are.

I can’t imagine a sadder statement. Can you imagine Frederick Douglas. Uh, uh, Booker T Washington, any number of other great leaders saying something like that. Uh, he was two term president of the United States be understood. Yeah. I mean, it’s your turn president of the United States. The people, the people loved him is a global, he’s a global superstar.

He’s a global superstar worth about, I don’t know, $250 million. So he’s afraid to say that. Free to say he is a global superstar. Uh, that’s the worst thing is to actually make it and do well in America. That makes you an uncle Tom, by the terms of this victim focused identity. Shelby, thank you so much.

Wonderful to see you tonight as always can congrats on the film. You can watch it on Amazon.