In this edition of one American news investigates, we look at dominion voting systems and its role in the 2020 presidential elections glitches errors, money trails to powerful Democrats. Dominion is just one of three major companies providing voting systems to America, but dominion captured headlines when it was discovered it had glitched 6,000 votes giving Biden a fraudulent win.

This was not an isolated event.

In 2016 antrum County, Michigan affirmed its Republican loyalties by voting Trump 62% beating Clinton by 4,000 votes. Fast forward four years. And antrum County was shocked to find itself voting Joe Biden over Trump by 3000 votes. A complete flip from the last presidential election. Something was very wrong.

When the County said to work with a manual recount, they discovered a ghastly error, 6,000 Trump votes were accidentally tallied for Biden, RNC, chairwoman, Ronna McDaniel held a press conference, noting a litany of irregularities in Michigan, but when it came to antrum County, the irregularity was potentially much bigger in scale.

When I inquired with the clerk, they were told it was a software issue and it was corrected. But now we know that 47 counties. Use that same software. It was certainly odd. Republicans wanted an investigation to ensure no more such mistakes happened elsewhere. However, Michigan’s Democrat secretary of state was quick to pronounce such concerns as ridiculous, immediately denouncing any suspicion of technical foul play quote.

The software did not cause a misallocation of votes. It was a result of user human error. See, no need to investigate after all it’s 2020, and software errors are impossible. Right? I’m here to tell you that with the electronic voting machines, Americans got to solve the problem of voting integrity. They turned out to be an awful idea.

One vote for McCain that’s because people like me can hack them all too easily. That was some professor out of Michigan, back in 2018 in the New York Times. Ignore that. The system, Michigan Democrats don’t want Republicans to investigate the system. Part of what DHS proclaimed quote, the most secure in American history, meat, dominion voting systems, a Canadian firm, dominion is one of three companies providing 90% of America’s voting systems.

Dominion serves 28. Us States, including battlegrounds like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, all of Georgia. And Nevada, incidentally, Michigan was not the only battleground state to experience problems with dominion. Georgia went all-in with dominion buying 30,000 machines installed across the state just nine months before the general election Georgia secretary of state boasted of his state’s partnership with dominion to install all these new machines.

Dominion and the secretary of state’s office worked very closely together on making sure we have the staff here to get these things and put through a few months later in Georgia’s June primaries dominion proved to have a few hiccups. Don’t take it from us. Here’s PBS. The pole pads took as long as 30 hours to download the voter database, displayed the wrong races, and would randomly shut down.

And the power-hungry ballot, marking devices, blue circuit breakers in numerous locations, poll workers, many of whom had no hands-on training because of the pandemic were often befuddled by the new technology. Indeed, even by the general election, five months later, Georgia was still in trouble. They have not certified the elections, including two of the most populous in the state between technical issues.

Let’s begin with Lysa Lucas. She’s lives in Gwinnett County. Elections office in Lawrenceville, where thousands of votes are in limbo because of a software issue. There is an issue in Gwinnett County. As officials have told us that 60,000 Gwinnett County ballots are in limbo after a software issue.

And this is according to the communications director of Gwinnett County. Right? All of this plays out before our eyes, Republicans demand investigations. But government officials demand. We look away there have not been any evidence of anything that would undermine the validity of this election and it’s time to move forward.

Meanwhile, the Trump legal team under former New York mayor and prosecutor, Rudy Giuliani disagreed, and from County put dominion systems front and center. Now we must dig deep. Okay. Now we’ve got to look at how often did it break down in other parts of the state. And when you look back on the history of dominion, which is a Canadian firm, It’s made mistakes in the Canadian election.

Similar to that legal teams, the Dominion wing is led by general Michael Flynn’s attorney, Sidney Powell, who has long warned Americans, the dangers of our election systems, relying on foreign software, mind you, no one is claiming that dominion is solely responsible for the fiasco and the vote irregularities that defined the 2020 general elections.

But when we return prepared to be stunned, when you find out. Just how easy it is to manipulate votes through dominion. Why one major state deemed dominion dangerously easy to hack and how one hacker read the user guide, flagging stunning questions for the feds. We’ll be right back.

Methods of communication have changed throughout history with the advancement of technology. Since first declaring his candidacy in 2015, President Trump has relied on Twitter to share his thoughts directly with the American people. But the 45th president was not the first president to rely on the technology of the times to get his message out.

Calvin Coolidge made the first presidential radio address in 1923, making his voice the most heard of any man in history. This was the first time people across the country could hear the president speak at the same time, all from the comfort of their own homes. A decade later, this evolved into Franklin D Roosevelt fireside chat.

Where the president could explain his policies with the feeling of a friendly conversation in the form of an evening. Radio broadcast television was still a very new technology in 1947, but that didn’t stop Harry Truman from breaking ground as the first president to have a live televised address from the white house.

This ushered in a new relationship between the white house and the media. Now, not only could Americans hear their president, they could see it as if they were in the very same room. The late nineties saw the rise of the internet. And bill Clinton saw this as an opportunity to speak directly with citizens.

Clinton held the first presidential web chat in 1999, giving anyone with an internet connection, a chance to send questions to the president as the world watched live on TV. Calvin Coolidge believes speaking directly to the press was the best way to bypass Congress, to speak with the people by using Twitter, President Donald Trump modernized this idea for today’s population like so many before him, President Trump is using the technology of the times, making sure his messages heard clearly and directly by Americans.

No voting system is perfect. Here are the heads of the top three voting systems telling Congress as much. Is there any method of voting that’s a hundred percent secure? No, uh, no. No, they go on to say their voting systems are mostly safe, but you say Senate letter from December 2019, slamming these three companies, election security experts have noted for years.

Our nation’s election systems and infrastructure are under serious threat. The Senate letter then highlights how the top three voting systems ESMs heart inner civic and dominion voting systems. Have long skimped on security in favor of convenience, leaving voting systems across the country, prone to security problems.

The lawmakers who wrote this letter, none other than senators, Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Ron Wyden, and Congressman Mark Pocan, all Democrats one year later. Now that America is asking whether dominion to hampered with our votes and Joe Biden’s favor, where are these Democrats now? In the last two years, dominion aggressively marketed itself to every state in the union.

And while Georgia went all in and live to regret it, one state gave it a Texas-sized thumbs down upon testing dominion machines and its accompanying systems. The state of Texas concluded dominion was to quote. Fragile and error-prone and could not be trusted for safe and secure elections. So what makes the machines fragile and error-prone?

Ron Watkins, the large systems data analyst tells one American use. After over a week, pouring over dominion user guides. He was stunned by how easily ballots could be accessed by one person with access to one machine with the dominion system. You need to be most concerned about activist it, people, the operators.