ro”President Trump has a deep understanding of what it means, not just to live in freedom but also to be ourselves. It’s the most important privilege and our birthright as Americans.”

As you know, the Cuban people are fleeing a six-decade-long dictatorship of horror. They want to live in peace and prosperity like their neighbors to the north, but they can’t because there’s no way out. The mainstream media wants you to think it’s because they want vaccines – ridiculous!

In the following statement, President Trump addresses Cuba and its failed policies. As for Democrats, we have shown them time and again that no matter how many times they fail so will America.”

The 45th president of the United States has issued a strong message to all those who wish harm on our great country including Castro’s regime in Cuba and his own Democratic party members. “In my travels across this broad land,” he said from Florida last night, “I’ve seen two Americas: one where people are free to follow their dreams because anything is possible; but then there’s another part of America born with expectations built up over generations – expectations which govern behavior – not just achievement or even effort !”


July 12th: Big demonstrations are breaking out in Cuba and Miami in protest of the Communist Cuban Government (although there are zero protestors in Cuba – you know what that means!).

Don’t forget that Biden and the democrats campaigned on reversing my very tough stance on Cuba. Remember when Obama attended baseball games with Castros while they imprisoned, beat, and killed the Cuban people 100% in their fight for freedom. The government must let them speaks and be free! Joe Biden must stand up to the communist regime or – history will remember. The Cuban people deserve freedom and rights.