Yeah, the average work routine every day is I come into work. I do my mail route where I just drive around the Madison area and pick up mail from businesses to take back to our shop and to be postmarked and sent out the door to the United States, postal service or them to district each day as part of his route, he delivers mail to a particular location.

In Wisconsin. And so the first half of my shift is really spent just collecting mail from those businesses around Madison. And then the second half of my shift is spent taking, uh, certified mail pieces to the post office lobby. And then after that I bring a box truck and the final load of mail to the United States postal service for them to distribute on November 4th and November 5th, he spoke with two separate postal worker employee on two different occasions.

Uh, two different employees both spoke to me and told me that they had gathered up ballots from their partner company. Partner companies, including the one that I worked for, and through his conversation with these individuals, he came to realize that there had been a concerted and intentional effort to pre-date ballots and then deliver them to the counting locations.

After November 3rd, on the morning of November 4th, uh, gathered ballots. And then the other employee told me that they had postmarked all of them for the third. So they would still be able to. Turn those ballots into election officials going to Wisconsin law, all ballots in order to be considered valid and appropriate for this 2020 presidential election needed to be delivered to the counting office prior to 8:00 PM.

On November 3rd, I didn’t raise any concerns with them at the time, but after some reflection on this situation and mentioning it to several of my friends, they told me that there was a lot more at play and that I should. Raise awareness to somebody. According to this information that Ethan shared with us, approximately a hundred thousand ballots in this area of Wisconsin alone were predated with the date stamp and then delivered to the counting facilities after that 8:00 PM deadline, because they had been received on the fourth.

I was told that 100,000 ballots in the state of Wisconsin were missing. As of the morning of November 4th, that the postal service then sought out from their partner companies. And knowing that this a hundred thousand ballots were falsely postmarked a day late for the election. That that was what raised the concern that just the size and scale of it.